"Visual Classworks helped me get my new job. When I showed them the project documentation automatically generated by the tool they were extremely impressed - of course I didn't tell them it only took 5 minutes to produce!"

Colin Adams, Department of Lands

Visual Classworks: as used by companies including Lucent Technologies and Canon


Visual Classworks

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Want the ability to transfer designs between C++ and Java?
Your Visual Classworks license key also works with Javelin, the Java sister product of Visual Classworks. Designs created in Visual Classworks can be copied and then opened in Javelin and visa versa.

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Visual Classworks for C++ Features

Easy to Use, Intuitive interface
Installation is quick and you can master Visual Classworks's intuitive user interface in less than 20 minutes using the 'Getting Started Tutorial'.

Class Lister
For larger projects finding that class has never been easier.

Robust and Industry Proven
Visual Classworks was first released in 1993 and is a robust, industry proven, visual object oriented development environment for C++

C++ Import Feature
Want to be more productive with code that you have already written by hand? Then simply import existing C++ code into Visual Classworks in a flash! From then on you can enjoy all the productivity and self documenting benefits Visual Classworks has to offer.

UML Based Notation
Visual Classworks' class diagram notation is based on the new UML "defacto standard" for depicting object oriented designs. Take advantage of the lastest advances in object oriented technology with Visual Classworks.

Automatic Persistence using UFOS (Universal Format for Object Serialization)
Visual Classworks can automatically generate the code to enable persistence for your entire object model. Just open up a UFOS stream and output your top level object in your model to the stream and the entire object model, including all relationships is written to the stream and can later be read in from the stream to restore your object model in memory just as it was before. You don't need to write any code in your classes to handle this. Generation of UFOS persistence compatible code is built in to Visual Classworks.