"Visual Classworks helped me get my new job. When I showed them the project documentation automatically generated by the tool they were extremely impressed - of course I didn't tell them it only took 5 minutes to produce!"

Colin Adams, Department of Lands

Visual Classworks: as used by companies including Lucent Technologies and Canon


Visual Classworks

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Want the ability to transfer designs between C++ and Java?
Your Visual Classworks license key also works with Javelin, the Java sister product of Visual Classworks. Designs created in Visual Classworks can be copied and then opened in Javelin and visa versa.

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Purchasing Visual Classworks for C++


$99.95 USD per user license            

Buy now and obtain your licensed 'unlock key' in under 5 minutes! The tool can be installed on one home and one work PC/Laptop computer. New license keys will be issued free of charge when either computer is upgraded.

Be quick to take advantage of our special offer: Buy a Visual Classworks license and you receive a license and key that allows you to also download and use Javelin (visual modeling and coding for Java developers).

Why so inexpensive?

Most tools that claim to boast features similar to Visual Classworks' sell for way over $500 US per license. To understand our approach try to look at Visual Classworks as a very expensive tool with a massive discount! Why would we produce such an expensive tool and then sell it with such a massive discount?

There are a number of reasons why we have chosen to sell this incredibly capable tool for such an incredibly low price:

  1. We practice what we preach - code reusability, model driven development, the best agile and extreme programming processes, ruthless refactoring, thorough testing. This, plus the fact that Visual Classworks has been constantly refined and developed to match user needs for over a decade, means that the ongoing cost of development of new features and the cost of maintenance of Visual Classworks is very inexpensive for us as a software house. We no longer need to charge over $500 per license whereas other companies who are not quite as efficient as us need expensive price tags to remain viable.
  2. The price is deliberately set low to encourage developers to purchase a license instead of using the software illegally. A saving of $500 by using an illegal product key can entice some developers to venture onto "sites of ill repute" to obtain cracked copies, illegal keys or key generators, exposing their PC to all of the nasty viruses, key loggers and browser highjackers that are associated with visits to such sites and the use of cracked software and key generators. Our experience shows that pricing our software at such an affordable level encourages developers to purchase a legal license key. The risk of a visit to a "crack" site is much less attractive when the price of a legal license is so modest. How much of your time/money would be wasted/stolen if you picked up a virus/key logger using a cracked copy of the software or a key generator obtained from such an untrustworthy source? Probably a lot more than the modest cost of our software! Setting a low price discourages piracy and so we end up with more users and those users end up with the warm fuzzy feeling deep inside (some call it Karma) that only comes from using a legal version of our software: after all our software is used by developers so it's somewhat hypocritical for a developer to use pirated software don't you think?
  3. We want everyone to be able to afford to develop software using the latest model driven paradigm in a visual, high productivity environment. Some individual developers simply can't afford over $500 US for a tool. Indeed, many companies find a $500 price tag too expensive when they multiply the purchase price by the number of developers they have. Companies including Lucent and Canon have used our products to produce state of the art applications. Our pricing structure makes it possible to develop code like the big boys do even if you don't have their big budget.
  4. Word of mouth marketing is cheaper and more effective than paid advertising. We discovered this a long time ago. We don't need to "spend up big" on expensive marketing campaigns when our users are so happy and productive with such an inexpensive tool that they they tell their fellow developers about it. With the volume of sales we generate we can remain successful even if our product sells for a modest price per copy. We let our users do our marketing for us - and in return they, effectively, get to buy our "very expensive" software at a massive discount! It's a win/win situation.
  5. Internet purchasing and delivery. As our products are purchased and delivered automatically we don't need to pay staff to process orders by hand and send out boxed packages. We avoid all the expensive, time consuming, rain forest depleting side effects associated with manual processes.
  6. The sheer volume of licenses sold helps Visual Classworks for C++ to be the "de facto" standard tool for visual, model driven, C++ development.

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How our Step Ahead Software licenses work

We know that many people who regularly use certain software packages often wish to use them at home and at work or on their work desktop PC and their Laptop computer. All Step Ahead Software product licenses satisfy this need: you are licensed to install the software on two separate PCs so that you can take advantage of the productivity gains our software brings in the office and out of the office. Hopefully that will help you get a step ahead or help you stay a step ahead if you're already there! Of course, whenever you upgrade a computer you can move your license to that new computer without charge.